Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms associated with the VCE

VCAA: The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority are responsible for setting the curriculum assessing the examinations, determining the grades and issuing the certificates to all VCE students.

Common Study: A study which every student must undertake. At Marist-Sion this includes: Four units selected from the English study options; Year 11 Religious Education - students undertake both Texts and Traditions Unit 1 and Religion and Society Unit 1; Year 12 Religious Education - students study one of the Religious Education Options.

ATAR: The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank is calculated from the results achieved in VCE Units 3 and 4. Results in some VET studies in the VCE programs also contribute to the ATAR. The ATAR is used to select students for tertiary courses.

Learning Outcomes: Learning Outcomes define what students will know (key knowledge) and be able to do (key skills) as a result of undertaking the particular course of study.

Program: The overall course of studies undertaken by a student during the VCE. Programs will normally include at least 20 units over four semesters. Students can spread studies over more than two years.

SAC: School Assessed Coursework.

SAT: School Assessed Task.

Semester and Unit: Half a school year; A semester length component of study representing about 100 hours of work of which about 50 hours are spent in class.

Study Design: Describes the units available within the study and prescribes the objectives, course structure and assessments.

Units 1 and 2: Units designed to approximate the Year 11 level of difficulty.

Units 3 and 4: Units designed to approximate the Year 12 level of difficulty.

VCE: Victorian Certificate of Education.

VCE VET: Vocational Education and Training. Students undertake a program that will contribute to and allow them to attain both their VCE and a nationally recognised training credential.

VCE Vocational Major: Vocational Major in the VCE Program. Students undertake a VCE program that whilst undertaking VET training and structured workplace learning.

VICTER: Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements. Tertiary Courses have specific VCE Unit requirements for entry.