Victorian Curriculum

Victorian Curriculum – Year 7 to Year 10

Our Curriculum will be drawn from the Victorian Curriculum Foundation to Level 10 (F – 10 levels). The Victorian Curriculum sets out what every student should learn during his or her first eleven years of schooling. The Curriculum has been developed as the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning, social development and informed citizenship at this time in our society.

The Victorian Curriculum Foundation to Level 10 incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian priorities and standards. Victorian Government and Catholic Schools are required to use the Victorian Curriculum Foundation to 10 Levels.

At the College, we will continue to develop and enhance curriculum structures and programs to provide our students with every opportunity to achieve high levels of attainment. This includes gifted and talented students who are able to work well above the nominally age expected level of achievement.

The Curriculum is structured as a range of levels of learning and achievement. Starting in Primary School at Foundation Level, the teaching and learning programs develop the students’ learning abilities to progress through the levels of attainment into Year 10 at Secondary School. This enables the development of targeted learning programs for all students, where the curriculum is used to plan for the actual learning level of each student rather than their assumed level of learning based on age. It includes both knowledge and skills. Learning Areas and Capabilities define these as set out in the table below. All Learning Areas provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in the Capabilities.

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